Weekly Communication 06/03/2023

Dear Colleagues

Please see your weekly overview update on behalf of the Director of Adult and Community Wellbeing (DASS) and Director of Public Health (DPH)

Polite Reminder – NHS Capacity Tracker Reminder re Mandatory Window

ASC Provisions Update on Enforcement

To all Care Home and Home Care Adult Social Care Providers,

This is an update from DHSC on the Adult Social Care Provider Information Provisions that require you to submit data monthly through Capacity Tracker.

The Adult Social Care Information (Enforcement) Regulations 2022 were made law on 10 November 2022 after being debated in both Houses of Parliament and commenced in December 2022.

The guidance on the enforcement process is on the link below. This guidance will let you know how DHSC will enforce the information provisions – i.e. what will happen if, from December, you do not update your data monthly, via Capacity Tracker, as outlined in the guidance on data collection first published in July.

As we have outlined in previous communications, financial penalties will normally be a last resort and the majority of the enforcement process will focus on what support we can give to help you meet the requirements of the Information Provisions.

The Capacity Tracker Support team are available to assist by contacting:

necsu.capacitytracker@nhs.net or 0191 691 3729 (Mon-Fri, 8-5, excluding Bank Holidays)

With Kind Regards,


NHS Capacity Tracker Updates Workshops

Provider Training Sessions

Tuesday 7th March 11am
Thursday 9th March 2pm

Friday 10th March 2pm

Norovirus Communication

Please see attachments at the top of this email.
Increase in Norovirus cases in those aged 65+ Nationally, Norovirus cases in the over-65s are increasing and are currently over 30% higher than the pre-pandemic average. Outbreaks in care homes have also been going up. We are reminding health and social care settings of the existing guidance on managing norovirus outbreaks to help stop the spread of infection.

Be a video case study star to promote careers in HNY

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to feature in video case studies – can you help?

To enhance our new Humber and North Yorkshire Careers hub website and to inspire the next generation of health and care workers we are looking to produce a series of video case studies to cover a range of job roles across health and care with organisations across Humber and North Yorkshire (HNY).

As we know, there are ongoing challenges with recruitment to both the health and care sector; we currently have a very competitive labour market and those who are unemployed and looking to enter work are often furthest away from the labour market and need additional support.

Schools and colleges are also reporting a lack of careers engagement due to the pandemic meaning that we have more young people leaving school / college / university without the required employability skills.

To address these issues and support people searching, applying and interviewing for jobs in the sector we looking to produce a minimum of:

Five local employability videos
These videos will support people with how to search for jobs in the sector, how to write a curriculum vitae (CV) and covering letter, how to complete an application form, interview techniques and interview etiquette.

10 employee video case study videos
We hope these videos will inspire the next generation of our health and social care workforce. We will target those job roles across our partnership that are difficult to recruit to and where we have identified skill shortages.

10 apprentice case study videos
These videos will promote apprenticeships as a pathway into a career in health and care and inspire the next generation of health and care apprentices.

The videos would be featured on the new Humber and North Yorkshire Careers Hub website and will be used as part of our ‘job of the month’ campaigns as well as in wider recruitment campaigns.

The roles we’re hoping to cover as video case studies

We are looking for volunteers to cover a broad range of roles across health and social care, from registered managers and activity coordinators, to personal assistants, to care workers.

We’d like to represent colleagues from all backgrounds to showcase our diverse workforce.

How to get involved

If you or someone you know would be interested in taking part, please email Tina Jenkinson at tina.jenkinson@nhs.net and include:

  • Your name
  • Your job title
  • The best way to contact you (email or telephone number, best time etc)

We’d be grateful if you could please share this request within your organisation.

Sent on behalf of Humber and North Yorkshire Care Partnership