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Please see your weekly overview update on behalf of the Director of Adult and Community Wellbeing (DASS) and Director of Public Health (DPH).

Capacity Tracker Insight for Care

12 October 2023

Coming Soon to Capacity Tracker

As part of the continuous improvement of the Capacity Tracker, we draw your attention to the following update that is scheduled to take place on 18th October 2023.

System Refinements

New Search Functionality: ‘Find Home Care Capacity’ is part of a phased review of Home Care information that can assist hospital and integrated discharge teams identify Home Care locations who are declaring that they may have additional capacity to take on additional packages of care and are happy to be contacted by Health & Social Care discharge teams.

Whilst this information will not form part of the mandated monthly collection, as with Care Home vacancies, we encourage Home Care providers to ensure this information remains up to date by refreshing every 48 hours or as and when things change to provide assurance to those using Capacity Tracker, that information is reliable.

Report Refinements:

ASC Home Care Collection Report: Updated visual references.

Update Monthly Status ASC Collection Report: New filters added to enable the report to be refined based on the Ownership Type of providers i.e., NHS, Local Authority, Private

For further information relating to the above, including minor fixes that will form part of this release, please click here.

Important Reminders

Winter Planning Guidance

Working together to deliver a resilient winter: System roles and responsibilities

Updating Capacity Tracker? We recommend that there is more than 1 user registered at each location who can update Capacity Tracker to cover periods of absence (if you are an approver, you will be able to approve new users immediately)

Going Abroad? Users are reminded that Capacity Tracker is not accessible outside of the UK

Need Help? Provider Training Sessions are available – see here – and remember to share these with colleagues who are also welcome to join our sessions!

Need Additional Support? Please contact our Support Centre, Mon – Fri (excluding Public Holidays) 8am – 5pm by phoning 0191 691 3729 or emailing necsu.capacitytracker@nhs.net

With kind regardsCapacity Tracker Team

Safeguarding Adults Board Communication


‘Adult Social Care and Gambling Harms’ – Tuesday 31st October 2023, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
‘Adult Social Care and Gambling Harms’ is a FREE webinar organisedby the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College London. This webinar will look at identifying and supporting people affected by gambling harms in adult social care and is part of the gambling-related harms seminar series.
Commonly reported gambling harms to individuals or affected others include financial hardship, debt, anxiety and depression, financial abuse, housing instability, or domestic abuse.
During the webinar, Professor Heather Wardle will present findings from an NIHR-funded study, which developed questions for use in adult social care with the aim of identifying and supporting those affected by gambling related harms.
The findings of the study will be discussed, exploring some of the experiences of testing these questions in services such as single point of access teams, adult safeguarding, learning disability services, and debt support.
For more information about the webinar, and to book your FREE space, please visit: Adult social care and gambling harms Tickets, Tue 31 Oct 2023 at 12:30 | Eventbrite

Identifying and supporting people affected by gambling harms in adult social care – findings from 3 local authorities


For more useful information and resources about safeguarding adults, please visit the NLSAB websitewww.northlincssab.co.uk

Safeguarding Adults Board Communication

Learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews: discrimination and discriminatory abuse – Wednesday 1st November 2023, 2pm – 4pm
This webinar is the third of a series of events that takes forward learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews, and is supported by Partners in Care and Health.
The webinar will provide insights from a safeguarding adults perspective into various forms of discrimination and discriminatory abuse. Through the Safeguarding Adults Reviews process, the webinar will discuss the complex issues and challenges of this practice area.
The guest speakers are:
  • Karl Mason, who will provide an overview arising from analysis of a number of Safeguarding Adults Reviews.
  • Kate Spreadbury, who will explore how LGBTQI+ identities are represented in SARs.
  • Annie Ho, who will focus on aspects of race and mental health, drawing on her experience of SAR authorship and race equalities work.
  • Ann Anka, who will explore the issues and challenges in developing professional curiosity and unconscious bias, in the context of promoting anti-discriminatory practice in safeguarding adults work.
This is a FREE virtual Zoom webinar.
To access more information about the webinar, and to book your space, please visit: Local Government Association

For more useful information and resources about safeguarding adults, please visit the NLSAB websitewww.northlincssab.co.uk

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