Weekly Communications 01/08/22

Dear Colleagues

Please see your weekly overview update on behalf of the Director of Adult and Community Wellbeing (DASS) and Director of Public Health (DPH)

Fair Cost of Care

Please see the attached letter from Gillian Keegan MP, Minister of State for Care and Mental Health


Please find attached a poster regarding an event held by the community learning disability team on Tuesday 6th September.

This event is aimed at service users, care providers, families and professionals to share information about STOMP.
STOMP stands for stopping the over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both with psychotropic medicines.

On the 6th September the community learning disability team will be out on the health bus at the times and locations on the poster, here you will be able to talk to consultant psychiatrist Dr Balaji. The community nurses will be available to chat and take some physical health observations and share other helpful hints and tips on managing without medications.

North Lincolnshire Job Expo Dates

If you have not already seen our Job Expo details please see below for the next event dates all held at The Baths Hall.

September 21, 2022 (please submit your form – link below by 26/08/2022)
February 9, 2023 (date for diary)

This time it will run 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm

Please fill in the form below with a few details if you wish to attend.


User Interface Changes on Capacity Tracker

What’s coming in August

Things will look a little different in Capacity Tracker next month. Care Homes and Home Care will notice a number of changes that will make updating your information a smoother experience. Other providers will notice some very minor changes too.

One-page fits all

If you update information for a Care Home or Home Care organisation you will currently do this across several tabs. This is about to change – your daily updates will now all be done on just one easy to complete page.

A clear layout

Questions for the Adult Social Care submission – mandated by DHSC – will be clearly labelled so providers can see what’s included at a glance.

During the reporting period, this section will also be highlighted.

Pop-up messages will let you know that you’ve successfully updated and the date/time stamp in the Update Assurance section at the top of the provider input page will reflect the most recent update.

Any new questions that will be part of a future submission will be easily identified

Questions that are crucial to support operational activities such as Covid outbreak information and PPE are included in another section called ‘Operational Support’

Email reminders

To help providers, email reminders will be sent during the reporting window (8th to 14th). These will go out every 24 hours until your information is updated. A link that you can simply select to update the information in the Capacity Tracker – or log in to make changes – will be within the email so you can quickly make sure your location is fully compliant.

Separately, reminders will also be sent for those questions that are within the Operational Support sections, every 48 hours outside of the reporting window, until a provider updates their information – again, if there is no change a provider can simply select the link in the email to update the information.

Please note: If you have de-selected to receive email notifications from us you will need to re-instate this to receive these emails. Please contact the Support Centre if you need assistance.

Reports & Bulk update

The improvements being made will also be reflected in the bulk update template available to Care Home providers. These changes, along with those to reports, will be shared by email in the next few days.

More guidance on submitting Adult Social Care data

While some data is mandated, other items referenced in the recent provision notice remain crucial for local operational support. Providers are asked to maintain all updates as they are essential to support you as providers, to support health and social care partners, and to keep people and staff as safe and healthy as possible. Maintaining contemporary vacancy data is used by hospital and integrated health and social care teams when looking to discharge patients from hospital. The Capacity Tracker information is shared ‘real time’ with these stakeholders and reduces the need for speculative, daily ring arounds checking capacity. Critically, it supports people to be in the right place for their specific needs.

For more information please click the link as follows Health and Care Act 2022: adult social care provider information provisions – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

For a comprehensive list of the mandated data, please open this link and scroll to the section titled ‘Information required under section 277A, from 31 July 2022’. Formal notice of a mandate for all ASC providers – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Care Homes and Home Care providers should update their mandated data by 11:59pm on the 14th day of each month – or the next working day when the 14th is on a weekend or public holiday.

Data must be no more than a week out of date i.e., it must be correct to no further back than the 8th of each month.

When the 14th is on a weekend or public holiday, the submission period will be determined by the next working day.

Many Thanks

Performance Support Officer
Provider Development Team


Health Bus Poster
Fair Cost of Care Letter