Weekly Communication – Week Commencing 27th May 2024

Dear Colleagues

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Registered Manager Webinars

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Promote the Vote – July 4th Election

Please see attached BASW Practice Guide for Promote the Vote at the top of this email.
  • There is no test of mental capacity to vote – a lack of mental capacity is not a legal incapacity to vote.
  • Being prepared is key so that voting can be accessible (i.e in person/ postal vote – having ID if voting in person)
  • Social workers and social care staff including providers have a really key role to play in enabling people to vote so having that conversation and plan in place is vital.
Staying Well in Hot and Cold Weather Webinar 08 July 24th – 3 pm to 4 pm.
Please see attachment at the top of this email.
This webinar may be of interest to people with a learning disability, autistic people, advocacy groups, families and carers and professionals across Health and Social Care Services.
Everyone is welcome

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Performance Support Officer
Provider Development Team