Kylla, Senior Care Worker – Scunthorpe

Having spent her early career in a fast paced business environment, a health diagnosis of her own led Kylla to decide she wanted to work in domiciliary care.  This is her story…

After many years in a fast paced business environment I never felt like I was making a difference to anyone’s life so I made the decision to work in Domiciliary Care.

I felt I could relate to many service users, as I myself was going through a personal journey of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis it helped me understand how hard it can be to accept care and support from others.

Having this personal experience of being cared for myself, I know I am understanding and empathic with each and every service user. I enjoy every minute of my job the good, bad and ugly, I make a difference to someone every day and there is nothing more rewarding.

I hope to have a long career in social care, I have the inspiration to further myself so I can continue to make a difference.